Wings of Eagle Isaiah 40:31 Inspirational Gift Basket

Any day is a special day to celebrate and encourage, Christian men in thier role as the spiritual leader in their home. For those men who value the spirit of the eagle and all it represents, the ”Wings of Eagles” Gift Basket makes the perfect  gift.  Mighty and Majestic, the American bald eagle is the ultimate symbol of our most cherished – freedom, nobility, strength. The eagle has always had a special place in the hearts of men.

* Resin Antler Carving Eagle – “Wings as Eagles” imprint  Isaiah 40:31    4
* Eagle Plock by Rick Webb – ”But those who wait on he Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles.”  Isaiah 40:31
*Isaiah 40:31 Bookmark – Brass plated – Golden Rules a pefect and welcome accessory to books and Bibles.
* License plate – Wings of Eagles Isaiah 40:31
* ”Blessed is the Man” Sailboat – Jeremiah 17:7, green trim with white accent stripe 7”
* Black License plate frame – “Jesus is Lord”
* Auto Emblem – Ichthus with a cross
 * Faith Builders by Dicksons  24 double-sided with 48 Inspirational Bible verses. Faith Builders is a powerful tool for building and strengthening your faith since you can place the Bible verse cards where you can see them often, helping you to memorize and integrate them into your thinking and living. Each card set comes in an attractive holder so you can keep it on your desktop, kitchen counter, bedside table or anywhere. 
 * Personalized Scripture Hershey Candy Bar.
 * Each basket contains additional little Scripture gifts.
 * Scripture buttermints and candies individually wrapped.
 * Beautifully wrapped in cellophane and embellished with wildgrasses, a small Eagle, and complementing bow.

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